Webinar: 2023 Data Protection Trends – 12/14

Veeam & CyberFortress present “2023 Data Protection Trends” on Wednesday, December 14, 2021 at 16.00  (UTC – 0)

Dave Russell, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, Veeam and Nathan Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, CyberFortresspresent data protection YOY trends and 2023 data protection resolutions.

New globally sourced data spanning 23 countries and 4300 of your peers, referencing the highlights and shifts of data protection in 2023. Gain exposure to Veeam best practice methodologies to help shape your data protection initiatives and decision framework. 

As threats increase and finances decrease, cybercrime is set up for the perfect storm. Prepare for “CAT 5” data destruction as ransomware hits continue to surge, showing no sign of slowing down and sparing no entities. 

Across experts, analysts and operators, the collective thinking has shifted towards the “not if, but when” a cyber-attack will occur, agreeing a cyber-resilient operation is key to cyber-recovery. Do not be collateral damage to crimes of opportunity, register and be ready for the fail-over.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get global peer viewpoints on the data protection landscape
    • 2022 vs 2023 ransomware data is significantly alarming
    • Recession impacts are not immaterial to planning
  • Hear data recovery guidance from industry experts
    • Rent vs buy data protection expertise
    • Options that work for your data protection requirements
  • Prepare a value driven data protection plan &  recovery outcome
    • Avoid being inside the wide ransomware net
    • Be confident in your RPTOs
  • Plus, more real world 2023 cyber-recovery insights

Register NOW, if you cannot attend, we will send you the webinar recording & early access to the Veeam 2023 Data Protection Report.

Register for the webinar here.

Spoiler Alert: Pre-release 2023 survey insights revealed!

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